St. Johannis Lifestyle Estate offers a range of retirement options with all the comforts of home across the full property spectrum – to rent or to buy on sectional title or life right. There are 31 townhouses/cottages and 67 apartments for independent seniors, 46 beds for those requiring assisted living, and 24 beds in the Frail Care Unit, as well as 16 in the Johanniter Dementia Unit.

St. Johannis Care

Where residents enjoy all the benefits of Assisted Living, Frail Care or Dementia Care, depending on their individual needs and abilities.

Frail care, dementia care and assisted living with an all-inclusive offering featuring highly qualified and compassionate staff, 24-hour professional medical care, housekeeping, nutritional meals, panic buttons, wheelchair access, and a range of other amenities to ensure your elderly loved ones get the highest level of care and comfort. Frail care offers 24/7 comprehensive care and supervision.

Assisted Living

What does an assisted living care facility offer?

  • Assistance with daily living activities like bathing, dressing, and eating.

  • Adapts to changing needs, provides meals, cleaning, and laundry services.

  • No need to maintain a home.

  • Greater privacy and a home-like setting.

  • Opportunity to socialize with scheduled activities.

A good assisted living facility will have activities and amenities available for their residents to do. There should be a good mix of physical, spiritual, and social activities so they stay both mentally and physically healthy. Residents have ample opportunities to socialize with others. Assisted living is a good alternative for people who are no longer able to live alone, but do not need comprehensive nursing care.

Frail Care

The care you need when you are unable to perform activities of daily living, such as eating, personal hygiene and moving about without assistance. When you are no longer able to look after yourself because of frailty or mental incapability, you are unlikely to return to independent living.

Frail care is for people who no longer are able to care for themselves on a daily basis, and who won’t be able to do so for the rest of their lives. Moving into frail care marks a new stage of life, one that is both necessary and beneficial to elderly people who need a greater level of care.

Dementia Care

What is important in caring for residents with dementia?

  • A person with dementia needs to feel safe and comfortable.

  • Provide a relaxed environment and emotional support.

  • Add meaningful activities.

  • Add fun-filled activities.

  • Spend time relaxing with residents and talking to them.

What to look for if you need to choose a care facility for a family member with dementia.

  • How open is the facility to visits from family and friends?

  • Does the facility allow the input of family in designing a care plan and activities for their loved one?

  • How often does the facility communicate with the family?

  • What is the staff to resident ratio’s?

St. Johannis Lifestyle Estate offers 24/7 comprehensive care and supervision in our dementia care unit.

Individual care, special needs support and due regard for dignity – these are the hallmarks of professional attention residents enjoy at St. Johannis.

Assisted Living

The best of both worlds, St. Johannis Mountain View, is a bright new apartment complex offering 12 single unfurnished luxury rooms (of 22 square metres) and four double unfurnished luxury rooms (of 26 square metres in size) – available to rent on a short or long-term basis. It offers ideal accommodation for seniors who are living independent lives, but who may also require occasional access to the assisted living services as well as the security features, general amenities and facilities of the greater St. Johannis retirement village.

The modern design and layout features wood-laminated flooring and is wheelchair-friendly. The double rooms comfortably fit a small to queen-sized bed (137 to 152 cm wide). The kitchenette has space for a mini bar fridge, kettle and microwave oven and the bathroom has a walk-in shower. Each unit has air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi and a VOIP telephone connection, satellite link-ups for DSTV and Deutcom decoders, as well as a 24-hour nurse call system. An on-site generator ensures an independent electricity supply for the elevator and lighting during power outages.

The monthly rental includes a laundry and room cleaning service, access to 24-hour nursing care, if required, and also a meal delivery/room service if residents are unable to go to the dining room. Three meals a day and snacks are on a five-week rotational menu schedule which caters for the special dietary needs of residents suffering from diabetes or allergies or requiring soft foods.

Why Rent?

Personal circumstances and preferences could make it more convenient for senior citizens to rent instead of buying a retirement property, because then they have all the benefits of a home without the hassles of gardening and building maintenance. There is an opening discount available for the first year of occupancy. A once-off, non-refundable application fee of R5 000 is payable prior to admission.

Live an extraordinary life with our care and compassion

Independent Living

Living up to its name St. Johannis Gardens is the leafy and shady part of the landscaped retirement village – with brick-paved wheelchair-friendly pathways linking 52 units, comprising one-bedroomed and two-bedroomed garden cottages and bachelor flats, some with garages, or designated/reserved parking bays.


The monthly levy includes general services such as 24-hour gated security, gardening and maintenance services, a satellite dish, and an intercom system for emergency cases.
Sold as a life right option, buyers pay the purchase price and have the right to live in the unit until reaching a stage of being unable to care for themselves – or choose to leave for whatever reason. When the unit is sold, the life right holder receives back the funds originally paid plus 10% of the profit on the resale of the unit.

Why choose a life right?

As opposed to an investment in property, life right ownership is an investment in lifestyle, security, and peace-of-mind. Life right is the most affordable way to buy into a privileged retirement lifestyle. it means a secure home for life, protected by the Retired Persons Act. you save on up-front costs: no VAT, transfer duty or registration costs are payable, just mandatory monthly levies.

Life right living provides all the advantages of homeownership without the hassle of insurance, home maintenance, garden upkeep, domestic workers, repairs, and security upgrades. Many South Africans are choosing this lifestyle as the attraction of resort-style living grows. Many of these retirement communities are vibrant and inclusive, providing activities and entertainment that appeal to retiree’s keen on an active, healthy retirement.

As human longevity increases so too does the need for assisted living, home care, frail care and dementia care. These retirement villages are designed to cater to these needs. Meals, cleaning, laundry, and garden services are also available. Life right living offers you a peach of mind lifestyle with several available services for a relaxed and comfortable retirement.

Independent Living

So nice to come home to… , an integral part of a retirement village is the lock-up-and-go lifestyle of St. Johannis Park – ten freestanding two-bedroomed cottages or townhouses, each with a single garage, and 36 one-bedroomed and two-bedroomed flats which each have their own parking bay and storeroom in an underground parking area.

Available for rental or sectional title purchase, the monthly levy includes services such as a nurse call system, emergency nursing on standby, intercom linked to Frail Care unit, Internet access and satellite TV, home-based care.

Why choose sectional title?

Sectional title ownership offers security and lifestyle benefits, as well as affordability. Homeowners are only responsible for the maintenance of the interior of their units, leaving the exterior to the body corporate. Water and electricity charges and general upkeep are shared among homeowners, via the monthly levies.

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