In a retirement home there are some of us who are strong and independent and then there are some that manage with the help of a daughter or son nearby. Usually, that works well, but then the lockdown came and suddenly that support was no longer there.  In five homes we saw that the children decided to fetch their frail parent and to look after them.  We thank them and their families for being there when needed.

Ruth Kuhn was fetched by Uschi

Family Kriebel do everything a little different to the usual way.  Rolf and his son Eckard were fishing on the beach at Henties Bay in Namibia and fortunately somebody saw them and asked them whether they knew about the lock down of the South African border at midnight that day.  If they want to get back to SA, they better pack up and go.  Fortunately, they got through the border in time but too late for Rolf to get into St Johannis.  With Irmela alone at home Lydia decided to fetch her.

Hanne Reuter is here with Gudrun who lives in Rondebosch and Helmut in Stellenbosch and for nearly three months she stayed with these two families.

Helga Schubert has two sons and with this lockdown they realised the best place for their mom would be the frail care and these two boys with the help of their mom packed up her things and she is very happy in her new home.

Pat Chipps went to visit her daughter Jennifer for a weekend and the visit from one weekend became a visit for five months.